Traveling is the only thing that keeps us alive. We have to travel despite our wish to sit back and relax. Be it for business purposes or just meeting someone in another city, traveling has become necessary in this century. In the true sense, we’ve reached a stage in our evolution at which we know that the human mind needs to explore new places to keep growing.

Most travelers dislike traveling because of the distortion in the services of roads and trains. Despite the progress these transportation networks have made over the years, they still don’t match the requisite standards. The irregularities in frequency and improper maintenance have been the cause of such dislike. We could play the blame game all day and look for reasons why development has not been already been made in these sectors. However, it doesn’t serve much utility to common individuals like you and I. In the short term, all we can do is look for alternative solutions. Traveling by air is one of them.

It is a way that keeps your comfort and convenience in check. It is indisputable that the services and comfort of airlines are unmatched. Most importantly, traveling times experience a significant decrement when you fly to your destinations. Owing to the invention of commercial flights, passengers can travel between cities within 4 hours or less. These unbelievable traveling durations make airways the fastest means of transportation accessible by the general public. Just imagine a world without flights. Traveling from one continent to another wouldn’t even be possible. It would be a mad world with an ocean overcrowded with ferries and ships.

Moreover, these days, the price of flight tickets is not too expensive. In other words, airline tickets are affordable for the masses.

Hyderabad is one of the metropolitan cities of India. It is an organized business city that is also ideal for leisure. It is among the cities known for its best cuisine. It is one of the most popular and preferred tourist destinations. It inhabits great culture, monuments, and unique flavors of India. You must surely visit this wonderful city once in your lifetime.

Travel options: Either you can travel by road, railways, or even book a direct flight to Hyderabad.

You can reach this city using any of the three modes of transport namely roadways, railways, and airways. Here are some details regarding each:- 


The mode of Roadways is ideal for a trip with friends. You can book a cab if you don’t want to concern yourself with the effort of driving. This can also be an ideal scenario when you are traveling with your family. Also, you can rent a car if the act of driving it yourself doesn’t bother you much. This can cost you around 7k to 8k depending on the distance from your city and also the type of car you choose. The duration will be at least 2 Nights to reach Hyderabad from Mumbai by road. Given the presence of other variables like the weather and the traffic, travel times can vary from individual to individual. You can also check out the availability of buses from your city of departure. Compared to what you’ll spend on a rented-car, traveling via bus would be a minuscule expenditure.

Advantages: Ideal for a vacation with family or friends.

Disadvantages: It takes a lot of time to reach Hyderabad through roads. It is also a costly option. Expenses on food during the road trip will also need to be added to your total expenditure.


The next available option is using the Railways. However, let us warn you that the availability of tickets is not instant. You need to book tickets at least 3 months in advance for a confirmed seat. The duration is almost 14 to 18 hours depending on which train you make a reservation with. The price ranges from 1k to 4k depending on the train you choose to buy tickets for. It can be fun to travel via railways, but it can also be a bit uncomfortable if you don’t buy the more expensive options. 

Advantages: The expense of food is reduced as they provide food in railways. It is cost-effective. However, the cuisine offered may not sit well with your food palate.

Disadvantages: As the booking has to be done 3 months in advance or at least 1 day prior so that you can avail Tatkal, it is not ideal for last-minute plans and emergencies. The long journey of 14 hours is also not considered comfortable by many.


You can now book direct flights to Hyderabad from any city. You can reach Hyderabad from any part of India within a few hours. Also, the comfort you’ll experience during a flight is unmatched by any other mode of transportation. Moreover, if you travel in the first-class, you’ll feel as if you’re flying inside a hotel room.

Advantages: It takes 4 to 5 hours to reach Hyderabad. So your time is efficiently used. It is ideal for entrepreneurs who are willing to save their time.

Cheap airline tickets to Hyderabad are also available these days. Tickets are available for as low as 5k depending on the airline and your city. Furthermore, if you tip all the variables in your favor, you can make air travel quite affordable. Booking flight tickets early is a smart way to save money. Furthermore, if you have miles on your electronic payment methods, that can also save you some cash.

All in all, you can reach Hyderabad without breaking your bank if you are mindful of your purchasing habits. There is no need to sacrifice comfort and ease-of-travel as long as you take a smart approach to buy flight tickets. Purchase them well in advance, and try to optimize your travel plans for days that offer the least expensive tickets. If you adhere to these guidelines, you’ll reach Hyderabad in no time, and will not need to spend half your day battling with travel fatigue.